Based on a True Story (Documentary)

Based on a True Story is a feature length documentary currently in development (some scenes have been filmed in Yangon, Myanmar).  

The story explores truth and authenticity in documentaries through the lens of filmmakers struggling to tell stories from inside countries that suppress the media.  The narrative 

investigates the shifting intersection of authenticity, suppression and audience reception through the perspectives of three documentarians. 

The Science of the Question and the Art of The Interview (Publication)

March 15, 2019

I'm currently writing a proposal for a text book that explores and explains academic theories behind effective questions and includes practical applications from world renowned practicing professionals (journalism, documentary, police sciences and psychology).  The book will be a resource for students and working journalists, documentarians, police investigators and psychologists.  

Teaching Commitments

March 15, 2019

Currently supervising four graduate students who are filming documentaries in India, Nigeria, and Canada.  All are fascinating projects and will be locked at the end of August 2019. A public showcase will be held in mid-October - details to be posted.    

LOOK - Educational and Creative Director (Volunteer)

June 23, 2019

LOOK is a mental health/film initiative based community program that helps individuals living with mental health challenges heal and cope through the power of artistic/cinematic expression.   LOOK operates in partnership with health care and film/entertainment industry professionals and organizations.


We support our students on their self-guided journey to self- expression through art, greater self-esteem, improved confidence and eventually increased participation within the larger community. Our inaugural session began in January 2019 and ended in mid June.  The student films will premiere at the Regina International Film Festival on August 13, 2019. Check us out at the link below and then select the RIFFA/LOOK tab to enter our site.

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