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Filmmakers from around the world share a basic desire to express themselves through their creative interpretation of the world around them, however amid the tensions underlying our societies filmmakers face an increasing ethical challenge in choosing stories to tell. 
Our increasingly multicultural societies provi
de fertile ground for storytellers in imagining complex stories that are derived in part from the interpretation of others.   However during a time of societal conversations about political correctness and debate about cultural/gender appropriation are there limits to artistic expression and if so, why and who defines and regulates cultural authenticity? 


In pre-production, however some scenes and interviews have been filmed in Myanmar and China


Writing (The Art of the Question)

Constructing, strategizing and posing effective questions is dependent upon an understanding of a complex system of social theories, investigative practices and methodologies across multiple disciplines.  In this practical text we will immerse the reader in the science of the question and the art of the interview – from initial research, framing and strategizing, through to professional interviewing techniques.  The Art of the Question examines the methodologies behind effective questions and interviewing techniques.  The Art of the Question is a blend of theory with contributions from academics and practical application using real life scenarios written by the pre-eminent professionals in journalism, police sciences and psychology.

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LOOK: A Mental Health/Film Initiative

LOOK is a volunteer run, non-profit program focused on providing those with a mental illness an opportunity, with the support of mental health practitioners and members of the film and teaching community, to express themselves creatively through making short films or documentaries.  Students are exposed to the vocational skills needed for careers in TV and Film.  At LOOK our program offers people a fun and creative opportunity to realize their vision and to bond with others and it's FREE.

Educational and Creative Co-Director

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